With Sipster, enjoying locally handcrafted beverages
becomes an adventure in taste.


The Pacific Northwest's cool climate produces the nation's best wine grapes, fruit, and grains. These bountiful local ingredients have influenced a steady growth in the wine, beer, and spirit industry.

Washington State is home to approximately 800 vintners, 200 brewers and 50 distillers.

There are many unique Sipspots to visit in Northwest. Many of the wineries, breweries and distilleries have tasting rooms open to the public. These tasting rooms provide a relaxed atmosphere where guests receive knowledgeable, personal attention while sipping handcrafted alcoholic drinks and learning about the production process.

Sipster was created with both consumers and the local wine, beer, spirit businesses, and coffee roasters in mind.  The marketplace for applications on mobile devices is constantly growing, yet there was still a need for a tool that guided users to their favorite wineries, breweries, distilleries, cider mills, coffee roasters,  or "SipSpots."

Utilizing the advances in technology of the latest phones and tablets, Sipster can help you plan a tour of beautiful wine country, or where to find handcrafted beer, locally distilled spirits, or fresh roasted coffee.